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Concrete Wall
Janell and Brandon_edited

We love to learn and we started WestWind Creative to share our adventures with others who do too. Whether it’s home improvement, woodworking, crafting, cooking, or home management – we’ve probably tried it. If we haven’t yet – we probably will.

We like to tell people that we make a good team because one of us is a “dreamer” and the other is a “doer”. For the most part, it’s proven itself to be true time and time again. Janell comes up with a wild idea and Brandon figures out how to bring it to life. Can we agree that what you love most about a person can also be the thing that drives you crazy? But most of the time we meet happily somewhere in the middle.

We live in the Midwest with two adorable sons, seven chickens, a painted turtle, a fish named Earl, and a cat. (More or less critters likely to change frequently.) Follow along with us as we try out new ideas and share the lessons we learn with you. We hope you are inspired, encouraged, and a bit entertained!



The “dreamer” of our dynamic duo. I have been creative from my earliest memories. My Enneagram 7 shines through in both my love of exciting adventures and inability to stay focused. I always enjoy the outcome of our projects, but it’s really the journey getting there that sets my heart on fire.

WestWind Creative logo


What started as the name for an inn has become the brand we’ve chosen to represent us! A west wind originates in the west and blows eastward – just as our lives have journeyed across our state. It is also known as the most favorable of the directional winds – bringing light spring and early summer breezes. We hope to bring a gentle, favorable breeze of inspiration into your life.

Brandon in the Coop


The “doer” in our relationship. I have always enjoyed working with my hands. I enjoy woodworking and home improvement projects. My engineer mind enjoys the process of taking an idea from an abstract thought to completion – especially if it involves new power tools.

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