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Valentine Gnome Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks to Create Adorable Valentine Gnomes

Sweet gnomes are a great way to dress up your holiday displays. I love the way that social media has allowed us to connect to other people that we may not ever get to meet otherwise. My dear friend has a private group specifically for those of us who enjoy creative pursuits, and recently a fellow member posted that she was searching for Valentine's gnomes with no success. She wanted to present them as gifts at her upcoming "Galentine's" party, but all the stores seemed to be out even though the holiday was still more than a week away. Gnomes are a project that I've always wanted to try, but I never had an excuse to dive in before. As with many craft projects - I find more motivation in making something for someone else than I do for myself. I decided to reach out and let her know that I'd be happy to take on the project.

Gnome Knowledge Conduct a quick search online and you will find amazing results for gnome projects. As I looked at photos and videos to identify the style I wanted, one blog came up frequently. Sarah from Ruffles and Rainboots knows her gnomes and provides excellent tutorials for the different styles she creates. I found her tutorials to be especially helpful because my customer had one main request for her gnomes - PINK! Now you may know that finding quality faux fur in craft stores can be challenging. Well, if you add pink to the equation you're looking at nearly impossible. I needed an alternative material idea and Sarah's tutorials provided an option for something that comes in every color of the rainbow - yarn! So with materials in hand, I set to work on making some of the cutest little Valentine gnomes you ever did see. You can watch the video of the process below and learn more about the supplies I used to make these easy and affordable. My customer was tickled pink when I delivered them and loved gifting to all of her lovely Galentines. Enjoy! *There are affiliate links in this article, which means I could be compensated for the recommendation.

Valentine Gnome Supply List

  1. Child-sized or small women's ankle sock

  2. Tea towel or other fabric (1/4 yard)

  3. Body filler (beans, rice, Poly Pellets)

  4. Poly-fill batting

  5. Twine

  6. Yarn or Faux Fur

  7. Wooden bead for nose

  8. Embellishments like pom poms, buttons, etc.

  9. Scissors

  10. Hot glue gun & glue sticks

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