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How to hang plates on your kitchen backsplash

Our latest kitchen renovation included classic surfaces and colors that would stand the test of time and fit with the age of the home. I needed a way to infuse personality and add color to the space - especially on one of the large expanses of white subway tile. One colorful element of my kitchen that always receives comments is my Pioneer Woman dishware, so it was an easy transition to set out to learn how to hang plates on your kitchen backsplash.

Deciding on a display

Originally, I had a large, round "EAT" sign that I planned to display in this space, but it wasn't enough on it's own. I toyed with several ideas and layouts that would be compatible with our one major factor - subway tile. We didn't want to use nails or screws to attach decor because it would cause damage to our newly-installed backsplash. Also, the sign was black-and-white and didn't achieve my desire to add some color to the space. Back to the drawing board!

I already own a wide variety of Pioneer Woman dishes that I have collected over the last several years and receive comments on them frequently. Why not utilize them to add a colorful statement? I had already been admiring several plate wall displays on Pinterest, so this was an excellent opportunity to try it out. 

Display planning and layout

I pulled down a few of the plates from my collection and found I had a pretty good excuse to buy a few more in order to create a more balanced display. I also realized that it would be best to have a wider variety of sizes available than the dinner and salad plates from the Pioneer Woman line. Fortunately for me, it also happened to be the first weekend of the month in Kansas City's West Bottoms shopping district. It was easy to find a large variety of adorable saucers and bread plates tucked among the treasures in my favorite stores!

To finalize the design, I laid out all of the plates that I wanted to use on my sitting room floor and marked the dimensions of the kitchen space they would occupy. Then I took photos and sent it out to some of my best design consultants (our fans on Facebook!).

Next, I had to finalize my display method. I've had great success with using Command hooks in other areas of our home. It was time to put them to the test on a larger project. My box had several different types that were leftovers from past projects, so I just needed to decide which would be the best fit for this purpose. Eventually, I used a combination of the Heavy Duty Picture Hanging Strips and the clear Command Adjustables Repositionable Clips. This allowed for the strength of the picture hanging strips with the slim profile of the clips behind my plates.

I used plate hanger hardware specifically made for displays purchased at Hobby Lobby and Michaels to secure the plates themselves. Then we tested a plate on the wall for about 24 hours at a low height with soft cushions on the counter to make certain that they would hold.

Hang plates on your kitchen backsplash

Once equipped with my final layout and the supplies for the project, it was time to put all of my planning into action. For a peek at my process for hanging the plates, you can watch the video below. You'll see that there is a bit of measuring as well as some trial-and-error involved to achieve the best display. This was especially true when in came to the smallest plates, because they varied in size.

I am so pleased with how this project turned out! I really adds a bit of my personality to our kitchen and lets my whimsical side show. I highly recommend trying this technique if you have a large section of backsplash that needs decor, but without permanent damage. Already have plates displayed in your home? Share your designs with us on Facebook!

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