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How to design and install a bay window over kitchen sink

Designing a Bay Window over Kitchen Sink Lets talk about how to design and install a bay window over kitchen sink. Before our kitchen remodel we had a single window over an unimpressive double bowl sink. It isn't a big window but it over looks our backyard, where my kids swing, jump on the trampoline and yes, pick on each other. What can I say? They are brothers. We wanted to have a bigger view of the backyard and it's a nice yard so why not be able to view more of it? The original window was not impressive from inside or outside of the house and we wanted this window to make a statement. Janell wanted a place to put plants and décor as well as allow more light into the kitchen. While we were designing the cabinet layout we were also laying out exactly where this new window would be as we had to order them all at the same time. We had enough room to put a 70 inch bay window. After, what felt like forever, our window and cabinets arrived.

Installing the Bay Window over a Kitchen Sink

Installing Trim on the Bay Window over a Kitchen Sink

Pinterest. We took this pin picture and formulated our design. I would use all 3/4 inch wood in different widths to make the look we wanted. Schutte Lumber, here I come to get some 3/4 inch popl

Sounds like a simple job for a Saturday morning right? I had it installed before Janell came down for her morning coffee. It looked good. I know I do pretty good work but sometimes after the job is done I am still amazed at what we create. It looked exactly like what we had envisioned.

Finishing work on the Bay Window over Kitchen Sink Now just some small final touches. Adding a few beads of caulk around the edges and painting the window sill were next. We had ourselves a completed bay window over kitchen sink. Now we can watch the boys play outside from most anywhere in the kitchen. It really complemented that end of the kitchen with the high backed, washboard sink. The Cat seems pretty happy too, much to our dismay.

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