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How to Create a Custom Rolling Pin Wall Display Rack

Where do you store your rolling pins? Putting them in a kitchen drawer seems to be an appropriate storage solution for most people. At our house, we have a number of them and some deserve to be put on display. With that in mind, I decided to devise a rolling pin wall display.

One of our main design concerns was that we wanted the display to accommodate all the different types of rolling pins we owned. Some had handles and some did not, but it was important to maintain a consistent look. After some design research on Pinterest, I built a prototype from some scrap lumber to test our design and size. Then I added our rolling pins to see how it looked. We liked the height and width, but decided that it stuck out too far from the wall. Janell's biggest concern however, was that it did not leave any room for expansion of her rolling pin collection. Apparently she needs more . . . so it's back to the workshop for me.

Back to the drawing board

If I'm going to rebuild the rolling pin wall display anyway, why not develop a few variations and refine my methods? Next up, I built a 3-pin display rack from Pine.  I used a 2.5 inch hole saw to create the pin rests and then cut out the remainder with my band saw. Afterwards, I sanded it and stained the wood in Provincial.  After creating this version of the rolling pin wall display, I decided it would be a great project for other woodworkers who either love to bake or love someone who bakes. If you would like to build your own display rack, or just want more specifics, you can download the plans here: Rolling Pin Wall Display - 3-pin model

Or maybe you are the baker without a woodworker nearby? The 3-pin wall display is also available for purchase from the WestWind Creative shop.

Up next? I'll complete that 5-pin model for Janell so she can fill that last spot.

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